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  • Are Dachshunds the Right Pet for You?
  • Are dachshunds the right pet for you? Dachshunds don’t want to miss out on anything; they’re the kind of pets that like to always be in the know. Dachshunds are often described as brave, curious, smart, lively, and charming dogs. This breed is quite similar to a terrier breed in terms of being demanding. They are […]

  • Why Are Dachshunds So Clingy?
  • Why are dachshunds so clingy? Sometimes your dachshund will get protective of you. Usually, a connection is formed with just one keeper. This is often the one who gives the most attention and time, obviously they can’t always be around to cater to the dog’s needs. This is true for all dog breeds but more of […]

  • Do Dachshunds Bark a Lot?
  • Do dachshunds bark a lot? Dachshunds were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Just like other hunting dogs, they are inclined to bark – a lot.  Do dachshunds bark a lot? Their bark can be quite loud despite their small size as well. Many dachshund dogs get sensitive to the change in their surroundings. This […]

  • Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone?
  • Can dachshunds be left alone? When you get a dachshund pup, your life will change – in a great way! However as much as you’d like to, it doesn’t always mean that you can stay home all day just to be with them. There are people who are lucky enough to work from home, where […]

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